A Property Manager or Property management company was a sector of the real estate industry that was previously reserved for larger buildings or investors with multiple properties; however, recently the industry has witnessed a slight shift in this culture.

Property management for the single unit owner is now more readily available and in most cases is very customizable to an owner’s needs.

This is a short list of what a property manager could take care of for you:

  1. Collection and disbursement of the monthly rental payments
  2. Payment of property associated bills (mortgage, condo dues, taxes)
  3. Supervise remodeling projects
  4. Supervising repair work and maintenance
  5. Eviction services
  6. Monthly, quarterly or annual financial reports for tax purposes
  7. Tenant Acquisition
  8. Tenant Screening (credit check, criminal background, eviction search)
  9. Tenant move in and move out inspections
  10. Handling all tenant concerns or complaints
  11. Assisting tenants with condo or HOA application process
  12. Dealing with your condo or HOA associations

These services are available to landlords for nominal fees considering the value gained.  Fees usually start at $75.00 monthly for the above mentioned services.

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