Landlord Services

Are you an Investor or a landlord?”

Property management services for the independent investor and absentee owner have become increasingly demanded in recent years. caters exactly to this clientele. We offer full service or ala carte service to the individual investor; services previously reserved for larger companies or institutional investors. Our goal is to allow our customers to be investors not landlords.  We eliminate the cumbersome duties involved with being a landlord such as rent collection, tenant screening and placement, resident relations, property maintenance and evictions or disputes. We allow the real estate investor to concentrate on the more profitable aspects of their real investment; that is property acquisitions and analysis of current market valuation. specializes in the management of single family and multi family properties. 

Our company structure allows our customers to enjoy full service property management and real estate services. is owned and operated by South Florida Brokers & Associates, Inc. In additional to, SFBA owns, our sales and acquisitions division and, our tenant acquisition and rental property marketing division. 

South Florida Brokers & Associates, Inc. – is a full service real estate brokerage, specializing in the acquisition, management and maintenance of residential real estate investments. – property management division – tenant acquisition and rental property marketing division


  • property maintenance
  • evictions
  • accounting and financial reporting
  • Valuation and market analysis
  • accounting and financial reposrting
  • Administration
  • communication
  • marketing
  • investment evaluation



  • Weekly Owner phone or email updates during vacancies.
  • Copies of all lease agreements sent to Owners.
  • Written bids sent for prior authorization on improvements.
  • All phone calls returned within 1 business day by our staff.
  • 24 hour emergency phones available for Tenants.
  • 24 hour fax line and email.
  • 8 full time employees available for Owners and Tenants convenience.

Investment Evaluation

Investment Evaluation – Evaluating your investment from time to time is imperative to the success of the investment. Our system includes rent evaluation upon lease renewal  )you must be kept up with current rental rates in the area) and  valuation and comparative market analysis (how will you know when it is time to sell and either cash out or look for a new and more lucrative investment).

Rent Collection

Rent Collection- Collecting rent can be cumbersome. Remembering due dates including grace period, collecting the late fee in the event of a late payment, keeping track of the possibility that the check may be dishonored. We take all this off your plate.  We collect rents, pay condo dues, lawn service, pool maintenance, pest control and any other expense you have related to a particular property – then we simply remit the remainder of the funds to you. Best of all you never have to worry about a check being dishonored or returned; by the time you receive the funds cleared funds have been confirmed.


Tenant Placement

Tenant Placement marketing of the property on the internet; inclusive of our high traffic websites (, and as well as the most popular real estate search websites (,,,, and naturally as real estate brokers (South Florida Brokers & Associates, Licensed Real Estate Broker) we offer full exposure on the Multiple Listing Service and link to all other local brokerage websites giving you maximum exposure for a quick rental.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening – Who is really renting your unit? Do they have a criminal record? Have they had evictions in the past? How did they turn in their last home to their last landlord, was there damages? How is their credit? How stable is their income?  All these are questions which we can answer with our streamlined tenant screening process.