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Do I need a Property Manager

Property management is a recently growing sector of the real estate business.  However, what exactly should a property manager do? Who actually needs or could benefit from the services a property manager offers? Are these benefits worth the expense?

These are common questions that property owners and investors often ask and seldom receive a straight forward answer.

Here is a quick list and comparison to help those of you which may be considering the service.

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What can a Property Manager do for me?

A Property Manager or Property management company was a sector of the real estate industry that was previously reserved for larger buildings or investors with multiple properties; however, recently the industry has witnessed a slight shift in this culture.

Property management for the single unit owner is now more readily available and in most cases is very customizable to an owner’s needs.

This is a short list of what a property manager could take care of for you:

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How evicting a tenant in Florida works

Your tenant is not paying the rent and you need to evict them but you don’t know how the process works.

Tenant evictions can be very tricky and sometimes landlords may find themselves with a tenant overstaying their welcome even while they are not paying rent.  Tenants can take advantage of the paper work and the system, so look out for pitfalls.

Tenant defaults on rent or another aspect of the leaseThe simplest way to view an eviction is to describe the process step by step:

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